Weekly Vinyl – Chopin

13 May

Chopin Waltzes
Lots of piano.
Lots of notes.
Someone wrote $1.00 on this album but I’m sure I did not pay that much for it. It is in pristine condition though, with only a bit of wear showing on the flip side of the cover and the $1.00 someone wrote in grease pencil on the front.
This album is so crisp and clean, aside from the above mentioned blemishes, I think that this record has only been played a handful of times. Once when the original purchaser bought it. Once when I bought it and now. Perhaps the original owner played it a few times, but I’m sure the amount of plays this album got has not reached more than 10.
The album is crisp and the playing by Polish born Witold Malcuzynski is equally crisp and precise.
My system is pretty good and listening to this album I felt like I was at a recital. I reached into my pocket and took out a candy and started to unwrapped it making the proper rustling noise.


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