This post will change your life.

9 May

No it won’t.

But it will make your jaw drop.
It will break the internet.
It will keep you from sleeping.
It will change your life.

None of that stuff.

I would love to be able to sue the “media” outlets that make these claims.
I clicked on the story and, my jaw did not drop… My life did not change. I do not look at reality differently.
The fact that many Canadians went online to fill the census is admirable. It was reported that Canadians broke the Internet doing so. What does that mean? What does breaking the internet mean? I get news that the internet was “broken” by something irrelevant only on the internet. I. E. The internet still works. So it is not broken.
I dislike this hyperbole. And this is eroding the general trust in the media. Most people do not differentiate between media types. Buzz Feed, Huffington Post, The New York Times, BBC, CBC, Fox News outlets are all the same big machine for most people.
I rarely, if ever, click on these stories – but these type of headlines are creeping into the reputable media outlets. They have to compete. I understand that.
But the people who insist on these headlines need to clicking it won’t change my life.
It won’t
For instance – CNN just told me that “Timberlake’s new song is what you need.”
No it isn’t.
What I need is less clickbait and to return to doing what I need to get through the day.


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