Weekly Wine – Tini

20 Apr

Tini Sangiovese Romagna DOC
12% ABV

I kept this bottle on the shelf longer than most because I really liked the classy looking label and the fact that it was under eight bucks.
That’s a low, low price and I was quite hesitant to try such a wine for fear that it was really low grade kill.
But the day came when the cupboard was bare and this one last wine tempted me with what I must reiterate is a very nice clean looking and very upmarket label.
The wine falls somewhere between its price and what the label suggests this wine is. It has a very heavy body with lots of flavour – It is an uncomplicated flavour, not much nuance, but it is not too bad. It is a fairly heavy wine though, LCBO states that it is medium bodied, but it really gives the impression of a weighty wine. Perhaps it is the sour aftertaste…
It is not bad for the price. I have had worse wine for a dollar or two more, but I am not convinced that I would buy this again.

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