Weekly Vinyl – George Michael

8 Apr

Listen Without Prejudice
George Michael
No idea why I have this.
I have no idea how I got this.
But here it is – in my album collection and now playing on my turntable.
I’m stuck trying to write something about this album. I have really nothing against George Michael from a personal or musical perspective. The thing is … the music, to me, is so fleeting. It is not memorable. It is background pop – inoffensive and forgettable. It is hospital broth – there but not there. There is nothing to hang on to in this music.
You can play this now on some MOR stations and you would not be able to tell that these tracks are over 25 years old.
Is that staying power?
No – it is the music industry churning out drivel.
Is this music bad. No. It is just nothing.
It is there – but not really.

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