Staycation deliberation

14 Mar

A few years ago the concept of staying at home for your vacation emerged as a trend. The name itself – Staycation – is dreadful. It has a connotation of sitting at home and not doing much. A familial “Netflix and Chill,” without the modern connotation that term has.
For those living in the suburbs – or even the near burbs – a vacation in the city you live can be an invigorating experience. Provided you leave home. Provided you get a half decent hotel downtown or wherever the action is in your neck of the woods.
Ditching the car and the conveniences of home life and roughing it in a nice hotel room, or suite, is invigorating. You do it on real vacations when you visit other cities and towns. Why not hit up your own town? And if you live downtown – do this in the burbs – by the airport would be my suggestion. That is really exploring the wilds.
Staycation is still such a weak word. There needs to be a new one. Perhaps Onanisication? Selfsatisfication? No. These two won’t work…
Perhaps just use the term vacation. Is this not what it is?


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