Weekly Vinyl – Green

19 Feb



There are a lot of cool things about this album.
There is the obvious nostalgia. This is REM’s first big release on a major label, Warner Brothers, and sees them still straddling the world of indie band status and major international rock stars.
The music and lyrics are the usual mix of REM’s pop and politics melange. It is very cool.
What is fascinating is how slow this album seems. Is it me? The album seems slower than I remember. The beat is quite leisurely. I checked to see if the turntable was playing properly. I threw the record on another turntable. The results were the same.
Songs like Pop Song 89 and Get up seemed much quicker when I was younger. Stand is particularly slow in my mind.
Perhaps I’m listening to too much Dub Step these days and my frame of reference is destroyed.
There are lots of great songs here on this album, from slower poignant ones to up tempo danceable tunes – I move slower now, so the leisurely beat is actually quite welcome.

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