Weekly Wine – Liebfraumilch Drathen Rheinhessen

3 Feb


Liebfraumilch Drathen Rheinhessen
8.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This is one of those typical German sweet wines.
It is very sweet – much to sweet to my liking.
This makes it hard for me to review … If I really dislike the style of wine, how can I make an impartial review?
Here goes.
The label states that this wine can be enjoyed with spicy food. I grabbed some very spicy Italian sausage and had a go. The spice keeps the sweetness in check and the result is actually good.
The wine does not have any harsh or weird aftertaste – It is quite smooth. But it is sweet and I honestly would not be drinking this wine with spicy foods or with much else.
I have friends who like sweet wines and this perhaps would please them. The wine is quite fruity, has a nice sweet body and is quite sweet but not sickly sweet.
Another bonus is that there is a litre of this stuff although the alcohol content is quite low.
It might be nice to use in mixing up a batch of sangria in the summer.

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