Weekly Vinyl – Timoon

29 Jan

Adam Timoon Live!
Adam Timoon
I met Adam Timoon many, many years ago. I was in grade school, perhaps grade dix or seven, and they had a media class for us. He came in and we interviewed him.
I saw him performing at one of the long gone hotels on Lakeshore West when I was in University. I chatted with him briefly – I wasn’t expecting him to remember me, he didn’t but he did acknowledge that something like that media class might have happened.
What strikes listening to this album, and the same thing when I saw him live, was that this guy is a fantastic guitarist. It is not flamboyant rock-n-roll style but more a superb technical display while playing some light pop tunes.
The album has some familiar tunes – Kristofferson’s Bobby McGee which is done more like he wrote it than the way Janice did it, George Harrison’s Something, Zorba the Greek and a few other familiar hits. This is a live recording so you get some interaction with the crowd- including a humorous, for the time, anecdote about a Russian hockey coach.
It’s a pleasant album, in general, from a great guitarist.

One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Timoon”

  1. Astrid Elkins March 20, 2019 at 11:34 AM #

    Hi, back in the day my friend and I were performing with Eugene Amaro and his band at the Seaway Hotel and Adam was at the Seaway Towers. We would often catch his act. Those were good times. Astrid

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