Weekly Vinyl – Thick Brick

22 Jan

Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull
This is one of the more esteemed recordings in the genre known as progressive rock.
The album is a tad over 43 minutes in length and is just one song.
The album is actually a newspaper which you can read and decipher while listening to the music. It is all one large concept which some take seriously and others, including the creator and lead singer of Jethro Tull, claim the whole album is a joke.
It is very elaborate and I remember reading the album while listening to it many years ago. I did not do this now as I remember that reading the album cover/paper took longer than listening to the album.
The music is complex and layered. There are many key changes and tempo changes. Some of the song is in strange time signatures more used in Jazz than rock. It is a grate listen but you need to concentrate and really listen for the nuances in the music. If it is just in the background it will be irritating because it challenges the ear and brain to pay attention.

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