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Weekly Vinyl – Not Diamond

11 Dec

Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Diana)
Neil Diamond (Diana Ross)
(1972 (1980))
This was a garage sale buy. One of those, “box for ten bucks buys.”
I was never a big fan of Neil Diamond but I liked the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Imagine my surprise. I put the record on – not checking the disk’s label and instead of a male voice crooning to me I got a full blast of pop music. Diana Ross.
I don’t have her music in my collection.
Well, now I do.
I was disappointed and confused. I was ready for Neil Diamond. Not Diana Ross.
I could not appreciate her music as I listened to it.
It was pop. It was 80s pop. It was nice music. Her voice is great.
But there was nothing here about a seagull wanting to be an individual.
So I grooved a bit to Diana.
It was OK.

Weekly Wine – Mezzomondo

11 Dec

SONY DSCMezzomondo Pinot Grigio Chardonnay IGT
750 ml
12% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

I knew what I was getting into with this wine as I’ve had wines from this company before. The first sips confirmed my expectations as this wine is harsh and quite unrefined. It is very tart and you do feel and taste the sulphites that are quite prominent in the mix.
It is a drinkable wine, and that is about it.
This is a Pinot Grigio, albeit blended with Chardonnay, and I have written several times that I have yet to taste a bad one or a very excellent one. Perhaps it is the Chardonnay blend that does not work well here with this wine – giving it a bit of sweet flavouring?
This wine, as a Pinot Grigio, is rather down on the scale. It is all right but there are much better Pinot Grigios on the market at this price point or lower that are better. Some are excellent in fact.


6 Dec


I realize that sparklers are old technology but boy do they bring joy to kids. Especially on a fall night when they can zoom around and make great light figures. It also gives great opportunity to take a long exposure image. The hardest part was choosing which image to post.

Weekly Vinyl – Bobby Orr

5 Dec

The Two Sides of Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr
Long before there was Youtube there was this … This is an instructional commentary disc where hockey legend Bobby Orr speaks about his life and hockey.
I bought this at a garage sale for two bucks. I remember thinking weather to buy it or not and decided hey – it might be worth something someday.
One side of this recording is Bobby Orr being autobiographical while the other gives some hockey insights.
Unless you are really into hockey, this album will not be much of interest. That fact, plus that it is a fairly terrible recording, makes this album rather unlistenable. The narrator, Don Earle, “TV voice of the Bruins,” leads you through the recording in a fairly standard journalistic method. However his voice is clear while Bobby Orr’s is muddled and in the background. The same goes with some of Orr’s early coaches who were interviewed for this disk.
It is a rather disappointing disk.

Weekly Wine – Dry Red

4 Dec

SONY DSCFrench Cross Red
Year: NA
12% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

I have had wines that were simply called “red” in the past. These wines would not list the grape, nor where they were grown. They were usually unspectacular at the high end of the spectrum to barely drinkable on the low end.
This one is different. (It is called Dry Red.) On a scale between spectacular and unspectacular, it comes closer to unspectacular but it is better than an unspectacular wine.
Perhaps it is the fact that it is in a tetra pack that is clouding my judgement – with the bar set so low because of the packaging, this wine cannot do anything but score a few positive points.