Weekly Vinyl – Bobby Orr

5 Dec

The Two Sides of Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr
Long before there was Youtube there was this … This is an instructional commentary disc where hockey legend Bobby Orr speaks about his life and hockey.
I bought this at a garage sale for two bucks. I remember thinking weather to buy it or not and decided hey – it might be worth something someday.
One side of this recording is Bobby Orr being autobiographical while the other gives some hockey insights.
Unless you are really into hockey, this album will not be much of interest. That fact, plus that it is a fairly terrible recording, makes this album rather unlistenable. The narrator, Don Earle, “TV voice of the Bruins,” leads you through the recording in a fairly standard journalistic method. However his voice is clear while Bobby Orr’s is muddled and in the background. The same goes with some of Orr’s early coaches who were interviewed for this disk.
It is a rather disappointing disk.


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