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Weekly Wine – Riondo

11 Nov

SONY DSCRiondo Pinot Grigio Monte Forte Lot 6
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (Delaware, USA)

This wine has a big impressive name for a very standard Italian Pinot Grigio.
It is good – but very standard. At nearly 10 bucks US you can get a very similar Italian Pinot Grigio in Canada for well under 10. So you lose out on the exchange with this wine.
On the back label it says that “This is a wine to buy by the case.” Why?
Yes it is a very standard Pinot Grigio that won’t offend anyone but by the same token you can buy 12 bottles, a case, of 12 different Italian Pinot Grigio’s and have the same wine in essence.
I wonder what the Lot 6 in the name stands for. One could imagine that this is from some small batch of wine. I suspect that this is just the 6th massive Pinot Grigio “wine lake” that is being drained for our benefit.


9 Nov

I’m writing this a couple of days ago as I am in a glorious place that has little or no Internet connection. My activities are primarily concerned with recharging my batteries and relaxing. I like going away where I briefly lose contact with the rest of the world. It frees my mind and helps me think. I’ll be back sooner than I know it.

Important clothes

8 Nov


I’m sorry – Very Important Clothes.
This is a small shop on a narrow street in the old part of Stockholm. I like the heads on the mannequins. I believe the store was closed for lunch so I did not enter it. As I wandered the old city – I forgot where it was and never saw the store again.

Weekly Vinyl – Robot Woman

6 Nov

Robot Woman 2
Mother Gong

This is a weird one. It has taken me a few listens to start writing – and I’m still confused.
I tried to follow the lyrics – they are printed out like a stage play in a big fold out with a comic book narration about a robot woman.
I think.
It is very confusing – perhaps if I was able to hear and or read the Robot Woman 1 album it would be clearer – but I doubt it.
This backstory is a classic convoluted mess. It is trying to tell me something but I have no idea what it is. I think there are feminist themes in the lyrics and comic book along with world peace, utopia … I`m really not sure.
The music is interesting, except you get a sense that it is trying to tell you something. So you start trying to decipher the meaning and then you get frustrated.
It is a vicious circle.
I`ll put this album away and listen to it some other time.

Weekly Wine – Saint Pierre

4 Nov

SONY DSCMommessin Cuvee St Pierre Rouge
12.5% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This wine proves the fact that not all French wines are good. Not good?
Well, the first sips were eye opening. There is a harsh acidic attack on the palate. Some munchies helped but not completely. The assault continued and the toung got a bit used to the taste – but not completely.
This reminded me of some wines I was served many years ago at various wedings. These were harsh wines but as they were free and on the table, one drank them. And then searched for more.
There is better French wine. Perhaps not in Canada at this price point, but one can get a fairly decent bottle of French plonk in downtown Paris for two or three Euros.
This is not one of them.
The signs should have been obvious – there is no date of production and there is no indication of which grape was used.

Useful political signs

2 Nov

I spent the past Sunday watching NFL football and painting the house. The NFL was actually quite convenient as there were four games on – there was a game in London and then the usual three in the USA.
The games provided a nice distraction and did not interfere too much with the painting. I chose football as the background noise as the sound system was disassembled and my small portable unit is on the fritz and perhaps is terminal. (Speaking of which – I should find and purchase a used portable cassette tape player so that I could listen to all my cassettes…)
As we were painting a several rooms, we needed lots of coverage for the floor so that paint does not splatter on the hardwood. As we had an election recently, I was blessed with many political signs – I usually try to get each party to put up a sign on the lawn. These signs are a type of plasticized corrugated cardboard hybrid. Very durable. And they make great floor covering when you are painting. They cushion your feet when you are standing for a long time.
These are very useful political signs.

Guitar lesson

1 Nov


Saw this in a bar in Atlanta. I need to make me one of these.