Weekly Vinyl – Lili Marlene

27 Nov

Lili Marlene
Marlene Dietrich

Whenever I hear music like this – I get into a happy spot.
I want to turn the light down low. I want to light a candle. I want to shut the world out. I want to pour myself something nice. In this case a mug of strong black tea and a snifter of
brandy. (Cognac would be a bit too obvious and Armagnac too sublime.)
This is music meant to be heard on a record player. My copy of this album is in great shape so there is no discernible hisses, pops or snaps. But that’s OK.
My basement is dark and I have two candles going. I can imagine the scratches and the hisses.
I am in my happy place when I listen to this.
I do not understand German – but that does not interfere with the enjoyment of the music. Like listening to Edith Piaf – you don’t need to understand the words because the emotion is all there in the voice and in the music. It takes you on a journey to a happy place.
It is good to be there.

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