16 Nov

There is not really not much to say or write when contemplating the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris this past week.
Yes many pundits have spoken and written about their horror and sadness … yet others have pointed out that this sort of violence happens quite often around the world and it is only a few events that get picked up the the world’s consciousness and then “go viral.”
I read an interesting article concerning ISIS in The Atlantic and it really gave an interesting picture of who these people might be. It also made me wonder weather they, ISIS, carried out this attack on Paris and who are the ones that are threatening the whole world with bloodshed and instability.
The tragedy is in the people who senselessly lost their lives due to someones deeply held but flawed beliefs. But it also is in our response, grieving and then bombing some distant target to make us feel somehow better.
I’m not sure how to resolve the ISIS question, but it seems that bombing them increases their recruitment and fuels their drive.
Ignoring them is not the answer.
I’m waiting to hear Donald Trump say that we should build a wall around them.

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