Weekly Vinyl – Red Paul

13 Nov

Снoва в СССР (Back in the USSR)
Paul McCartney
This album was a Soviet Union release of some Rock`n`Roll oldies Sir Paul McCartney recorded over two days with some buddies. It was part of the Soviet propaganda efforts to project a cool face as it was struggling with a crumbling economy and a “new” era of perestroika and Glastnost.
All that collapsed and I ended up with a bunch of these albums in my basement. The rumour in the Soviet Union in the late 80s and early 90s was that you could get several hundred bucks in the west for this Soviet only release. Perhaps the first ones to trickle out from behind the Iron Curtain fetched such a princely sum but the subsequent flood that these rumours unleashed meant that most could not be sold even for the Soviet black market price of this album which was around 40 cents. I tried to palm off these albums at used record stores in Toronto. No one wanted them because they all had several copies. So I am left with a few.
As for the music – It is Paul McCartney playing some Rock ‘n’ Roll standards with a few buddies. It’s OK if you are into that.

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