Weekly Vinyl – Six Wives

18 Sep

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Rick Wakeman
My record collection is not in any order. I am not as fastidious or obsessive as John Cusacks’ character in the movie High Fidelity. So that being the case – choosing records at random from a random pile will sometimes give you similar things.
This album is an example of that. I selected Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Yes’ Fragile rather recently.
This is full blown pompous progressive rock here. It is overblown and grandiose. But it is clever and to the point. There are six tracks here – each dedicated/inspired by one of the wives of Henry VIII. None of the six tracks is too long to be overbearing – the longest clocks in at just under eight minutes. This makes the album very friendly and accessible with no arduous and painful noodling. The musical concepts are crisp and well developed. There is great variation in the themes and the music is lively.
Yes, the music has prog rock’s overblown pomposity but it works so well here that one just hears the great music.

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