Is all politics stupid?

24 Aug

In most cases when a writer poses a question, the answer is “no.”
A friend of mine was at a political rally and insisted on texting me the stupid thing some such politician was saying. I was not very interested in this because I have come to the conclusion that all politicians say stupid things. I had just come from the US and had a daily dose of Donald “I’ll solve America’s immigration problem within four years” Trump.
I have to admit, I liked listening to his speechifying. It was great entertainment.
But he is not conveying ideas or philosophy. What his is saying is just a random collection of talking points meant to rile up a target audience. It is working. Trump does this well.
But in essence most politicians do this. Obama’s Hope and Change. There are countless of examples.
Some people are calling Trump stupid for saying what he is saying but really, we are stupid for lapping it up. It is damn fun if it were not so scary. His and most other politician’s speeches are there to rally the base and are not intended to have the people, the voters, the citizens, aspire to lofty ideals. It is our fault that we have let it happen.
How to stop this and reverse the tide is a very big question.
Meanwhile – the political circus goes on.

One Response to “Is all politics stupid?”

  1. Zmeej September 1, 2015 at 5:51 PM #

    Is you is, or is you ain’t mah constituency?
    – Homer Stokes
    “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

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