Weekly Vinyl – To France

21 Aug

To France
Mike Oldfield

Here is an extended 12-inch LP containing three gems from Mike Oldfield.
This version of his hit “To France” is a minute longer than the original that is found on the album Discovery. The song itself is a very nice ditty about romance and going to France. It has great guitar work and very nice hooks, The extended version extends these with a mid-section that is more dance oriented but not quite. It would well on dance floors in the 80s. Still a great tune.
“In the Pool” is a very typical Mike Oldfield tune. You can hear it in the first couple of beats – especially when the acoustic guitar starts – the soaring electric guitars are a dead giveaway. It is a complex but joyous instrumental composition. There is bubbling noise in the background and an electronic backing beat which sounds a bit like a toad.
“Bones” is a bit of a weird composition where it jumps from theme to theme. Some of these themes are expanded in later Oldfield pieces – notably in Tubular Bells 2 and 3. I think this was just added to add substance to the extended EP.

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