Weekly Wine – Macedonian Merlot

19 Aug


Ezimit Merlot
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)
I saw this in the LCBO and had to pick it up. It was the right price – first off. And I have never had, to my immediate knowledge, wine from Macedonia.
The wine comes in a rather fancy bottle – it has one of those fancy fluted bottle openings on top. It looks nice but I`ve never seen an expensive bottle with this feature. Unwrapping the bottle, the first thing that strikes me is the cork. It is not a natural cork but one of those artificial plastic ones. This one has a weird feel to it. The top has the texture of expandable foam – the kind you use to insulate your house or fill the gaps between your wall and windows and doors.
As for the wine…
It is barely passable. It tastes of good homemade wine – from the hills and valleys of Macedonia. It is interesting, but only because it is from Macedonia – land of Alexander the Great.

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