Weekly Vinyl – Fragile

7 Aug

This might have been the album that got me really into progressive rock. Perhaps it was – I’m not sure. One of the first things that I could play on the guitar was the beginningof the song “Roundabout” – a big hit from this album.
Being a neophyte guitarist and trying to learn that song completely almost destroyed me. Try doing the syncopated rhythm of Em – F#m – G and then all the other riffs and then singing in a different rhythm. I really appreciated the virtuosity of these musicians.
I continued to listen to YES through their glory years and a bit after. As for the guitar – I discovered Neil Young, punk and other more easily playable music. (For the record, I can still muddle through parts of “Roundabout” ant the Steve Howe track “Mood for a Day” on guitar. When pressed and in the mood that is…)
This is a fantastic album, with elements of rock, jazz, classical (“Cans and Brahms” – arranged by Rick Wakeman). The album was fusion at its finest and perhaps the pinnacle of progressive rock.

Must note that the bassist, Chris Squire, passed away at the end of June this year. He was the only musician that was with Yes through all its line-up changes. RIP

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