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Weekly Wine – Muscat

8 Jul


Navip Muscat Ottonel
12% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

The first sip of a new wine is always critical. It sets the mood for the wine.
This wine did not do to well. I got a full blast of acidity. I thought that this was a heap of our sulphite friends but the label does not mention any such additions to the wine.
I give the wine a bit of a break and try again.
It’s OK.
There is some acidity. The initial blast was just me.
There is a peculiar fruit flavour to it that I can’t finger … The flavours are delicate but quite pronounced. I’m thinking cantaloups, honeydews – things with flavours that are mild and sweet. The sweet flavouring works well with the dryness of the wine and makes it not bad, except that the acidity pokes through and irritates the back of my throat from time to time.
This is another Serbian wine, my third I believe, and it is fine. It does not hide the fact that it costs under 10 – it is plainly an inexpensive wine. And that is fine.

Lviv pigeon

5 Jul

This is the Lviv City Hall. You can take the stairs up to the top of the tower.
I am told that the view is quite spectacular. I have yet to do this.
It took me a while to coax the pigeon to do a proper flypast of the tower.
The birds are usually at a much lower level or walking on the ground looking for munchies.

Weekly Vinyl – Don’t Touch

3 Jul

Please don’t touch
Steve Hackett


This is an album that is hard to dislike. Yet it is also hard to like.
Steve Hackett is a brilliant guitarist who was a key member of Genesis in their glory years. He left for a solo career not long after Peter Gabriel left that prog-rock band.
The album is a study of eclecticism – there is jazz, pop, progressive experimentation, szmaltz. The latter is quite painful to hear, but then the music takes a sharp turn into something extraordinary.
This album keeps you on the edge of your seat – it is not unlike listening to college radio back in the late seventies or eighties, where the DJ is just playing whatever falls onto the turntable.
There is not much cohesion here and it really hurts the album. The individual parts, most but not all, are brilliant and well executed but … but … but … there is something missing.
You feel this when the album ends. Either side – it does not matter. It was good … but.

Weekly Wine – Grao Vasco

1 Jul


Grao Vasco Dao
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

I will never claim to have a palate of a sommelier.
I will never be able to distinguish the various hints of blueberries, chokeberries, apricots or elderberries in wine.
I will not be able to comment on the nose of any wine as I am bereft of the sense of smell.
I will not be able to distinguish vintages of a certain wine growing region with any accuracy.
I would be able to tell that this wine is from Portugal.
It has that earthiness (?) that envelops most Portuguese wines.
It is there in the first taste and lasts until the last droplet of wine leaves the taste buds.
I find this wine a bit heavy. A bit earthy, yet it is a good wine for colder evenings – when a light wine will just not do. My problem with this wine is that this distinctive Portugueseness of this wine might affect its acceptance to people that think they know wine. It is what it is – a good solid wine that is a bit unrefined, that contains the character of the soil that it was born out of.
It is rough, wild and satisfying.