Weekly Wine – Montalto

22 Jul

Montalto Pinot Grigio
Year – N/A
12.8% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Oh Lord.
Another Pinot Grigio.
This one is from Sicily. It is very pale, nearly transparent. The flavour is not that transparent…
It’s a bloody Pinot Grigio. It is fine. I have not had a bad one. And yet, I have not had an excellent one. They are OK.
They are all OK.
I’m trying not to repeat myself but it is difficult – I would have to remember what I wrote – I don’t. I could go back to read what I wrote but that would be cheating now – wouldn’t it?
This wine is light, refreshing and dry. It is a wonderful white wine. It has hints of various flavours that make it interesting and intriguing. It goes down well cold, cool and at room temperature. (My room is on the cool side though.) I was tempted to try what this wine would taste like warm, but alas – the bottle was empty.
Another Pinot Grigio… another good wine…

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