Weekly Wine – Grao Vasco

1 Jul


Grao Vasco Dao
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

I will never claim to have a palate of a sommelier.
I will never be able to distinguish the various hints of blueberries, chokeberries, apricots or elderberries in wine.
I will not be able to comment on the nose of any wine as I am bereft of the sense of smell.
I will not be able to distinguish vintages of a certain wine growing region with any accuracy.
I would be able to tell that this wine is from Portugal.
It has that earthiness (?) that envelops most Portuguese wines.
It is there in the first taste and lasts until the last droplet of wine leaves the taste buds.
I find this wine a bit heavy. A bit earthy, yet it is a good wine for colder evenings – when a light wine will just not do. My problem with this wine is that this distinctive Portugueseness of this wine might affect its acceptance to people that think they know wine. It is what it is – a good solid wine that is a bit unrefined, that contains the character of the soil that it was born out of.
It is rough, wild and satisfying.

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