Weekly Vinyl – Live Rust

26 Jun

Live Rust
Neil Young

There is really not much to say about this album.
As a live album, it is one of the best.
It neatly summarises Neil Young’s music at the moment and foreshadowed the force he was to become.
This album, and the movie, was and is a great introduction to Neil Young’s music. At once poignant, sorrowful, introspective, angry and powerful. There is no weak track on this album. As a reminder to how genuine Young is – the album even has him flubbing the words to his song Thrasher. This is pure brilliance – when have you ever heard a live album with the band or artist making mistakes? It all gets overdubbed and corrected in the studio making these albums not really genuinely live.
Acoustic and electric, foreshadowing the grunge era, foreshadowing the “Unplugged” fad, embracing punk and hippie subcultures, naïvely optimistic and realistically cynical … this album has it all.

It is one of the best albums ever pressed.

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