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28 Jun


This is an image of the bed that metal is moved across on a laser cutting system.
I wish I had my tripod at this moment to get more and better images.
Lesson here is to always have a tripod, even a small one, when you go anywhere.

Weekly Vinyl – Live Rust

26 Jun

Live Rust
Neil Young

There is really not much to say about this album.
As a live album, it is one of the best.
It neatly summarises Neil Young’s music at the moment and foreshadowed the force he was to become.
This album, and the movie, was and is a great introduction to Neil Young’s music. At once poignant, sorrowful, introspective, angry and powerful. There is no weak track on this album. As a reminder to how genuine Young is – the album even has him flubbing the words to his song Thrasher. This is pure brilliance – when have you ever heard a live album with the band or artist making mistakes? It all gets overdubbed and corrected in the studio making these albums not really genuinely live.
Acoustic and electric, foreshadowing the grunge era, foreshadowing the “Unplugged” fad, embracing punk and hippie subcultures, naïvely optimistic and realistically cynical … this album has it all.

It is one of the best albums ever pressed.

Weekly Wine – L’Epayrie

24 Jun


L’Epayrie Rouge
Year: N/A
1000 ml
12% ABV
$9.75 (LCBO)

Big bottle.
Good price.
Good value.
Big taste.
The taste here is interesting. It tastes like red wine. Like red wine should taste.
There is nothing remarkable about this wine – except the quantity and the price. It is a good value.
The taste is great. Like red wine. I think I mentioned that it tastes like red wine.
This is good. Because it is red wine. The colour of the wine is red. It is very red. A deep red. It looks like it is a very heavy red colour. You would think that because of this it would be a very heavy red wine flavour.
But there isn’t.
It is a red wine – not to heavy. Not too light. A very nice wine.
I could comment more about the flavour but I had some Cheesies before drinking this wine and my flavour buds are damaged – temporarily.
I like this wine.
It is red.

Notre-Dame service

21 Jun


The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is very impressive – Inside and out. You really need a good wide angle lens, with perspective correction as well, to capture the majesty of the exterior. This shot is taken behind the alter as a service was going on.

Weekly Vinyl – Rough Mix

19 Jun

Rough Mix
Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane

This album is a collaboration between Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane. The former is the guitarist and principal songwriter for The Who. The latter is the bassist and principal songwriter for the Small Faces and Faces.
It’s a collaboration in the fact that they play instruments on all the tracks – the liner notes says Ron and Pete play various Acoustic & Electric guitars, mandolins & bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles & very involved mind games.” Only one song is written by both musicians. I can’t imagine that Pete Townshend would be someone that one could collaborate musically well.
There’s a bevy of stars on this disc – Eric Clapton (who shares writing duties on a song with Lane), Rabbit (an American keyboardist who has worked with many musicians), John Entwistle, among others.
But the album is rather disjointed. Each individual track is a gem – but as a whole it doesn’t really hold together.

Weekly Wine – Luccarelli

17 Jun

Luccarelli Negroamaro Puglia IGT
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO) 

The first thing that hits me when I take a shot of this wine is a grape flavour.
Well what should I expect – wine is made from grapes. I should assume this wine is made from grapes as well. But the grape flavour is not a wine grape flavour – it is a grape juice kind of flavour. By no means does this wine taste like grape juice, but where in other wines there are subtle background flavours of berries, apricots, tobacco, and whatnot – here we have a subtle hint of fruity grape juice.
As I delve deeper into the bottle this initial fruitiness is eliminated by the acidity and the dryness of the wine. It is an interesting wine this one. I wonder if the complexity of the wine might have changed because it started to react to air. This is a rather old wine – 2012 is not too old in wine terms but it is rather moving up in the years for wines in this price point which are usually no more than two years old.
This is a nice wine that is nearing its best before date. I would like to try some more wine from this producer.


14 Jun


I took this photograph from the air flying from Poland to Ukraine.  I belive it is some dredging going on in the Dnipro River. However the camera’s GPS insists that it is in the North-West part of Poland – where there are no big rivers. So this is somewhere … I just don’t know where


Weekly Vinyl – Mike’s sister

12 Jun

Water Bearer
Sally Oldfield


I am sure Sally Oldfield hate’s being known as Mike Oldfield’s sister. (He of Tubular Bells.) She might love and respect him but living in that shadow must be tough. Especially when she is a great artist in her own right.
This is a fantastic album.
The title song, Water Bearer, is a gorgeously composed lyrical overture. The next track, Songs of the Quendi, is a four part opus based on Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It quotes from the book – “Three rings for the Elven Kings,” etc. It should set any fan boys heart aflame.
A golden voiced woman singing Tolkien – Nirvana (or the Grey Havens or whatever was heaven in Tolkien’s world.) The song drifts from progressive mysticisms to folky optimism effortlessly. The musical mood changes and use of Celtic folk motifs does harken to Sally’s brother’s early work. The next track is Mirrors, a jaunty tune, which was a minor hit.
That’s side one. It is as good of a side of music as any LP has ever had.
There are six songs on side two and they are steeped in folky spirituality and continue the musical themes of the previous side.
I really like this album. It has sadly been overlooked as a “classic – must have in your collection” recording.
But I have it in mine – and I am happy for it.

Weekly Wine – Cono Sur Pinot Grigio

10 Jun


Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Grigio
14% ABV
$9.90 (LCBO)

This is an example of why under ten dollar wines rule.
For the life of me I thought I had reviewed this wine before. There is a whole series of these wines from Chile called Cono Sur.
Get it. Cono Sur. Southern cone. Look at a map…
These wines are all good. They are ubiquitous at any reception. I seem to recall Konrad Ejbich recommending this series of wine on a CBC radio show. I have drank this wine but never reviewed it.
I usually drink the Cono Sur red wines but this white Pinot Grigio is a very nice fruity example of this wine. There is a bit more flavour in this one than in similarly priced Italian Pinot Grigios and it finishes well with no after taste.
This is a great wine – but if you plan to impress a host with your largess by bringing it, beware – they know this wine well.

Coal Mountain

7 Jun

This image was taken somewhere between Paris and Lille in France. It is a mountain of coal byproducts as I was told. There are trees growing on this coal mountain. It was quite impressive to see in my jet-lagged state of mind.