Weekly Wine – Mateus Signature

13 May


Sogrape Mateus Signature Douro Red
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This is actually a very nice wine. It is rather light and quite pleasant to drink right from the first sip. Surprising, as Portuguese wine at this price level tend to be a bit heavier, and meatier, and earthier, and very distinctive.
This one is quite distinct for its lack of distinction. It is nice and flavourful without really any off flavours or tastes. Ii is a good wine – not outstanding, but quite good. The label is very classy and gives it a look that gives of the airs that you had spent more than a sawbuck to buy it.
I like the fact that this wine does not fall into the typical marketing gimmicks of making flashy wine labels. Or saddling the wine with a trendy name that will be obvious and dated by the time the bottles hot the shelves.
Signature denotes that it is a premium. In this case it is a premium of an inexpensive, affordable, class of wine. The wine matches this description perfectly.



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