Weekly Vinyl – Janis

1 May

Released about five years after her passing, this double album is a collection of various performances. The first disk is a soundtrack from the film “Janis.” The second disk is a collection of early performances.
The latter disk is the standout here. This is not your standard Janis Joplin but a bluesy, soul singin’ Janis. Dare I say roots music. The recording is a bit muddy – it sounds like it was recorded in a series of non-descript hall using two microphones. It was probably done like this and it is amazing. The emotions are in the music and it creates a glorious ambiance for the listener. I shudder to think that newer versions might be “digitally enhanced.” A pox on that process.
The first side is basically a “best of” type of record – it is fine with all the hits.


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