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Cemetery Deer

5 Apr

I don’t use my cell phone’s camera much, but I did this time. I was passingthrough a cemetery close to my house and I saw a bunch of deer. This is in the West-end of Toronto. A very urban area. The deer most likely live in the river valley that adjoins the cemetery.

Weekly Vinyl – Hounds of Love

3 Apr

Hounds of Love
Kate Bush
Is I listen to the first track of this album, “Running up that Hill. (Deal with God),” I sit and wonder to myself, why I do not listen to this album more?
I don’t have it digitally would be the simple answer – time to rip an album I guess.
What a fantastic album. Although it stirs nostalgic memories in my, the music is fresh. I’m sure if you played it to some younger people, dare I say millennials, which have not heard this music before, they would think that this is the next great thing.
The musical arrangements are done tastefully – there are no real grand musical passages that distract from the over-all ambiance of the record. The rhythms used in the songs are complex and invite one to move their body for the most part. Other songs are haunting and will stop the listener in their tracks. As a whole, Hounds of Love is as a solid of an album as there is. I’m not sure where, or if, it places on any list “best-album-of-all-time” but it should. It is that good.

Weekly Wine – Piat d’or

1 Apr

SONY DSCPiat D’or Chardonnay
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Here’s another classic that I have forgotten about. Piat d’or was the French wine we bought back when we knew nothing about wine except that – “All French Wine is Good.” We bought this wine to impress dates. How effective it was is a matter of debate.
Is all French wine good? Judging by this bottle – not really. This is a chardonnay so it is fruity and rather sweetish. It is listed as a dry wine but the chardonnay grapes have this sugary – fruity feel to them. Not one of my favourite grapes. The wine is not very refreshing and is a bit of a bother on the palate. It is not bud – I just don’t like it. I liked the Piat d’or Merlot that I reviewed back in May. It was unremarkable but passable. This wine is similar.
It is fine, I suppose, if you like chardonnay.