Weekly Wine – Mateus

11 Mar

Year:  N/A
11% ABV
$9.60 (LCBO)

This is actually the 100th wine that I have reviewed. Hurrah! I saved this Mateus Rose for the 100th bottle because for some reason this wine is the definition of cheap. When I mentioned that I was to do reviews of inexpensive wines to friends, they would inevitably say something to the tune of, “What. Stuff like Mateus?”
I drank this wine at a cottage with snowbanks surrounding the place. The wine got chilled in a pile of snow. I know that this is not the ideal situation to drink it, but if it works here then it should work anywhere.
I was surprized that it is effervescent – like a vino verde, but it is not classified as such. The bottle tells me it is semi-sparkling. I did not know that and had obviously forgotten as I have not had Mateus in eons. The bubbles are nice and light and match the flavour which is very delicate and not too sweet.
Drinking it is like drinking one of those wine coolers – a light semi-sweet flavour which is refreshing on a hot day. It was hot in the cottage because of the wood burning stove so this wine fit the bill. I was surprised.

One Response to “Weekly Wine – Mateus”

  1. Hektor Gagauz April 26, 2015 at 11:52 AM #

    Was with you (even gratefully) until “Drinking it is like drinking one of those wine coolers.”
    One would hope not. In fact, one is happy to report that it is nothing like that.

    Reminds me of the joke:

    What’s the difference between sewage and wine cooler?
    If you put a drop of sewage into wine, it becomes sewage.
    If you put a drop of wine into sewage, they call it wine cooler.

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