Weekly Vinyl – Cheap Trick

6 Mar

at Budokan
Cheap Trick
No one that I know of had ever heard of the band Cheap Trick before this album appeared (shall I be on trend and say “dropped”) at some point in 1978.
Wow, we thought, the fans really dig this. They must be good. The enthusiasm of the Japanese crowds was kind of like a laugh on a mildly funny sitcom. But is this statement fair to Cheap Trick?
This album has the taste of 70s music but is a little more aggressive. The album came out in the waning days of disco, the appearance of punk, new wave and big hair heavy metal. It had the cleanliness of disco, and the energy of good time rock ’n roll. This album is power pop – mildly danceable, with a decent groove that will get your foot tappin’ or your head waggin’.
There are great hooks and catchy songs on this album– this is why this record was such a big hit and established Cheap Trick as a major band.
It’s funny though, all the hits from this album are congregated on side two – and they are in order. “Ain’t That A Shame”, “I want You To Want Me” and “Surrender”.
The song “Surrender” (the third song, on the second side, of the first album most people ever heard from Cheap Trick) has the classic intro that put a massive smile on my face, “This is the first song on our new album, it just came out this week.”


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