Weekly Wine – Cavallina

4 Mar

SONY DSCCavallina Grillo Pinot Grigio
11.5% ABV
$7.75 (LCBO) 
This wine label is very nice. I was drawn to it before I even saw the price. Double bonus!
Good looking and cheap…
Is this a plus or minus? A cool label might be masking hideous undrinkable swill.
Cheap… is… well… Cheap. I prefer the term inexpensive. Even affordable. Reasonably priced is wordy but can be used as well.
The wine is not bad. Acidic. I look at the horsey with the flying mane on the label and think if I have been conned by the looks.
As I take another sip I conclude that the wine is quite passable – as in, pass it by.
It might be nice to have if you are a horse lover, or give it to some horse folk, but there are better wines for not much more with horses on the label.
The natural acidity and the sulphites combine to an unholy mess. It tastes inexpensive. It does not taste reasonably priced. It tastes cheap.
It has the backbite flavour that makes you feel that you will have a headache in the morning – or sooner.




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