Weekly Wine – Dunavar

18 Feb

SONY DSCDunavar Muscat Ottonel
11.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This is a heavy wine. There is substance to it. It is not earthy as some Portuguese wines can be but it is heavy in a much different way. It has a sour taste. Whereas most white wines are wines that enjoy sunshine and company, this one craves the darkness and solitude.
It is a strange wine. I have sampled it cold and at room temperature and I really can’t make up my mind – is it a passable wine or one to avoind. There is no mistaking that it is an inexpensive wine. It is very unrefined and harsh, but it is not that bad, which makes this wine puzzling.
It could be easy to say that I don’t like this wine – I don’t. But I don’t like many wines – some of which I gave good reviews to because they were good wines – just not suited to my taste.
This wine … is OK, I guess.

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