Weekly Wine – Bodacious

21 Jan

SONY DSCBodacious Smooth White
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

As I picked this bottle up off the shelf of the LCBO, I knew exactly what I was getting into – a semi-drinkable wine beverage with a trendy name and a cool label.
That it is.
However I did not expect it to be so sweet. It is sweet because of the sugar content and the riesling and moscato grapes that are blended in with the pinot grigio ones.
It is really a pigs breakfast here.
I did something that I rarely do and searched this wine on the Internet. I was shocked that there was a positive review. But It was very formulaic and I doubt that person had tried this wine. Another liked it because it was sweet. Another hated it because it was sweet.
If you like repulsively sweet wine, this is for you. Otherwise avoid this.


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