Weekly Vinyl – Jarrett

16 Jan

The Survivor’s Suite
Keith Jarrett
Yea… I find it is so hard to write about Keith Jarrett. I’d rather sit and drift than really think about what to write about this album.
This was, no doubt, acquired in the glory days for vinyl collectors – the time when CDs were coming in and there was a massive deluge of vinyl being disposed of at miniscule prices. This album came by way of the discard bin at the local library. It was well used but not scratched.
This is a jazz album. My first impressions were that it was something a bit more than jazz. It was more an experimental composition, using jazz as a base and then really exploring musical boundaries. But by my third listen I realized that this was just an excellent jazz recording
that is solid and well composed. There are no extraneous noodling solos performed by any member of the quartet. It is a tight composition where moods shift effortlessly and with meaning. There is no meandering here. This composition is solid and a pleasure to aurally enjoy.

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