Weekly Wine – Quartetto

14 Jan

SONY DSCMonte Da Cal Quartetto
13% ABV
$10.00 (LCBO)

This wine was just laying there in my wine rack for a few weeks before I tried it. Not paying attention to the bottle as I opened it, I was assuming it was an Italian red.
I liked the heavy body. The bold flavour. The rich colour also impressed me. I thought that the earthy taste reminded me of some Portuguese wines I had tasted, but this one was better.
I then looked at the label and realised that this was a Portuguese wine.
Wow! They have really started to make excellent inexpensive wines I said to myself. I looked around and was thankful no one was there to listen to me speak to myself. I took another sip. It is a very nice wine, worth well more than I paid for it. This wine has gone up in price – I bought it for nine dollars and change and then a month later is was up to 10 bucks.
This is a good hearty wine – perfect for a cool afternoon or evening. The weight and earthy tone of this wine suggest that it be had with food – but that is entirely to your discretion.

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