Weekly Wine – Villa Ginnetti

31 Dec

SONY DSCVelletri Villa Ginetti Superiore DOC
12% ABV
$7.35 (LCBO)

I had the surprise of my life when I took the first sip of this wine.
I unscrewed the cap, I poured some of the wine in the glass and then I took a swig.
I was shocked that this was white wine. It comes in a dark green bottle so the colour is not prominent. I did not read the label that clearly stated that it was white wine. I did not look at the glass as I poured as I was watching the Cowboys lose.
It is white wine. It is un-chilled. It is cheap as hell.
It is not that bad.
It claims to be extra dry and it might be but it has a great deal of fruity flavours – it really tastes like a weak apple juice that is about to go off.
I was looking forward to a red wine to test but here I ended up with a not-bad white.
For the price, this wine will do.

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