Another week goes by

22 Dec

What a bizarre week… There are several really big conflicts going on in the world, the one in Ukraine and the one in Syria/Iraq.
But this has been hijacked by so many other things.
In the US there is a frightening specter of violence as several high profile slayings of unarmed African-Americans have gone unpunished. And now some lunatic has gone and shot two New York cops. So much for having a reasonable discussion on race and violence – the lines have been drawn and everybody is backed into their corner.
Then we have North Korea… and Sony. A silly movie has offended the North Korean regime and they have apparently hacked Sony’s servers. Sony pulled the movie. So much for free speech and standing up to toothless bullies.
Russia is mired in an economic crisis of its own making. The falling oil prices has added to the sanctions imposed on Russia for invading and occupying Ukrainian territory. There’s no going back as the guy in the Kremlin is blaming everybody else but his own corrupt regime for the economic problems.
Oh, and there were a few horrible massacres as well. Ebola is still around.
Last week was quite busy. A fitting end to 2014, I just hope that there are no more surprises next week.

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