Weekly Wine – Giocale Novello

3 Dec

SONY DSCTollo Novello Rosso Terre di Chieti
12.5% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)

There was a time when I celebrated the new wines. I would scurry to the liquor store to greet these fresh wines as they arrived. As time passed, the ritual has become less intense but still celebrated.
So here is a fresh from the vineyard, off the boat (or plane), from the shelf Italian Novello wine. With great anticipation I unscrewed the bottle and poured the fresh wine into a glass. As the wine hit my taste buds I grimaced.
The next taste resulted in another grimace. I looked at the bottle and then my glass.
Another taste.
Another grimace.
Yeah… not to good. A bit too fresh. A bit too raw.
It’s drinkable – but barely.
With some wines you would let them age a bit. But this is a new wine. You can’t age it. So you have to drink it … if you dare.


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