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Weekly Vinyl – Al Di Meola

7 Nov

Elegant Gypsy
Al De Meola
I have this album because a friend recommended I listen to Al De Meola if I wanted to be inspired to be a great guitarist.
I bought this and listened to the music and looked at the album cover intensely – as was the habit back in the day.
Al does not look very happy… Either sitting on with his guitar while a woman dances behind him (see album image) or on the back cover where he is sitting at the table with this woman presumably sharing a bottle of wine – although I must question this as there is only on glass of wine, it is in front of here.
Is this the reason he is unhappy? She is drinking – he is not? She took his wine? He’s a teetotaller and she’s a lush?
Al is as unhappy in the pictures as his music is precipice and complex. There is flamenco and jazz music mixed with equal aplomb. There is incredible technique here. It is a master class of technical playing.
This album came out in 1977 – the same year a bunch of really cool albums came out – like Talking Heads: 77, for instance.
My technique and taste swung away from Al to the Talking Heads.
No regrets.

Weekly Wine – Riesling

5 Nov

SONY DSCJaszbery Etyek-Budai Riesling
12.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I approached this wine with great trepidation.
I had the
red wine a while ago. It used to be one of my favourite wines but it is nearly undrinkable now.
Ominously, this wine has a similar label – which incidentally is a very lovely label. It is the same winery.
My fears are warranted I think.

I tossed the bottle into the freezer. I need this wine chilled to the point before freezing occurs. I do have bad feelings about this wine.

The wine is cold and not bad. But then again, at about 3 degrees Celsius, there is not much taste. There is just a body of wine.
As the wine warms up to the recommended temperature of between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius, the flavours start to kick in. They are not too pleasant. The sulphites are there but also something metallic. It is a weird off flavour.
Back to the freezer this bottle goes.

Decisions & directions

2 Nov

In New York, there are many decisions to be made …
This one is just well spelled out.