Weekly Vinyl – True Stories

28 Nov

True Stories
Talking Heads
This is not the soundtrack to the Talking Heads movie True Stories. This is the album of the Talking heads playing the songs from the movie. The soundtrack has the actors singing the songs.
I should put a disclaimer here – True Stories is one of my favourite movies. It is a brilliant movie. As a standalone album this is a great collection of songs. I have not seen the move for a year or so, so I am listening to this record with a bit of distance and trying to judge it on its merits alone.
The songs are compelling and emotional. They deal with the common themes in Talking Heads and David Byrne’s music – consumerism, alienation, absurdity and Americana. Particularly strong are the songs “City of Dreams”, “Dream Operator” and “Radio Head”. The latter song inspired a certain band to name itself Radiohead.
I like this album. It is fun and poignant at the same time. The musical arrangements are tight, and Byrne’s voice is very strong.


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