Weekly Vinyl – Moondawn

14 Nov

Klaus Schulze

Ambient. Atmospheric. Ethereal.
There are many ways to describe this album and Klaus Schulze’s music.
The music is simple in its complexity. One outwardly might think not much is going on, yet there is a lot of subtle movement happening in the music.
There are but two tracks on this album. They are both lengthy – side A has “Floating” that clocks in at 27’15, while side B’s “Mindphaser” comes in at 25’22. The former is perhaps more up-tempo, with a hypnotic beat that swirls and shifts over the course of the song. “Mindphaser” also has a beat but this one is much more subtle, much like a heartbeat – it is there in the background only occasionally coming out to prominence. The beat then turns into oddly syncopated drumming, by a real drummer, Harald Groskopf, playing real drums. This creates an odd imbalance to the music which is enhanced by Schulze’s use of long drawn out chords which morph from one to another create tension. These aren’t the phasers of some cheesy science fiction movie – “Mindphaser” is aimed to to stimulate the mind.
This album’s music can be enjoyed many ways – as simple background or as a focal point for some serious meditation. Whatever way you choose, this music is a great massage for the brain.

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