Weekly Vinyl – Joe Jackson

31 Oct

Night and Day
Joe Jackson
It’s a blustery fall day outside. The leaves have turned and are falling. It is raining. It is cold.
I’m inside with a good coffee and am listening to a superb album from 1982.
I’m looking outside at the beauty and misery of this fall day and am trying to remember 1982.
I’m drawing a blank. I guess I was not there – completely.
The big hit of this album was the song “Cancer.” It is witty. It is still catchy. And it is very relevant now. The song is timeless. The whole album is timeless. It is such a fantastic piece of work. It is a very slick album, combining elements of jazz, latin flavoured themes and general lounge type sounds. It is smooth music. It is pleasant with a nice bite. Like a really nice meal – you have everything there in perfect proportions.
It’s a nice piece of music to enjoy on a blustery day.

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