Weekly Vinyl – Planet Gong

17 Oct

Live Floating Anarchy 1977
Planet Gong
This wonderful album was a great surprise to my young daughter. “Wow, I can colour this,” she said.
A psychedelic album with a black and white cover. It is crudely hand drawn as well. It exhibits more punk flavour than flower power.
But then again, that is what Planet Gong was kind of about. They were not really the hip psychedelic flower-power band. They were very much free-form craziness.
The music here shows it.
It flows freely and weirdly. Crescendos of power chords and mysterious noodling all combine to make I a serious tour de force. The musical mayhem is accompanied by fairly strong, uncompromising anarchistic rhetoric, which at times sounds like a bit of a put on . . . but then you realise that they are quite genuine in their beliefs.

Fantastic and exhilarating, this is the kind of album that you either love or hate. You cannot be ambivalent about it. When hearing it you will either exclaim, “Wow! Groovy!” or you will scream, “Turn that shit off.” It’s just that kind of album.
I love it.

One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Planet Gong”

  1. Andrij T'pa January 28, 2015 at 10:19 PM #

    Am glad that you love this album. So do I. Am jealous that you have been educating your daughter in a vastly superior fashion than I have, at least in terms of playing her selections from your collection of vinyl.

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