Weekly Vinyl – Spanish Train

10 Oct

Spanish Train and Other Stories
Chris De Burgh

My Lord … There is a lot of reference to the Lord here.
There is some devil here too.
There is some racy stripper song that featured prominently in my childhood – I must have been 10 or 11 when I first heard this album.
There is really a lot of sin, redemption, betrayal, repentance and salvation on this disk. It is a very Roman Catholic album. It could have been put out by the Pope, but I don’t think any Pope would be as sappy as some of the songs on this disk. The love songs, as they are, are very much like the love expressed in Disney movies, so the Pope would have no problem belting these out in a late night jam session.
To be fair there are a few thing to like about Chris De Burgh’s Spanish Train and Other Stories. The stories/ballads are well constructed and even a little engaging on occasion. It does help if you are 12ish in the 1970s though. I have not tried to expose this album to my children yet. Abuse laws have become more stringent in the last few decades.
This brings me to why I grimaced when I pulled this album out. Why I haven’t listened to this since the late 70s. Why I will not play this album again unless I want to chase late night guests out of my house. It is an extremely blunt album. The symbolism, the stories, are childish. Meant to appeal to the 12 year old. The lyrics are obtuse and unimaginitive. The most glaring of this is the song A Spaceman Came Travelling… Basically it’s about Jesus coming to earth. But He was a spaceman. It is a really irritating song. I only can imagine that this song sparked the collective minds of Monty Python to create the film
Life of Brian. Where this the case, there is some redemption in this song and in this disk as a whole.

One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Spanish Train”

  1. Andrij T'pa January 28, 2015 at 10:16 PM #

    Brilliantly said.

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