Weekly Wine – Riders Valley

8 Oct

SONY DSCRiders Valley Malbec
Year: N/A
Canada and others
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I made the mistake of tasting this wine after I had consumed some really good wine.
I am suspicious of this bottle because it is one of those Canadian wines which take the grape or juice or wine, from all over the world, blend it or ferment it here in Canada, and then sell it… cheaply. The results are mixed.
As I sip the wine I look at the label and and there are two cow-persons (I can’t really tell if they be man and/or woman – and I ain’t makin’ assumptions) riding horses in a psychedelic silhouetted sunset. OK.
The wine is from the Niagara region and the only thing resembling a valley is called the Niagara Gorge. But let the marketing boffins have their way.
The wine is passable. It leaves a sulphite taste in my mouth but it is not too bad. The wine is rough around the edges and the nice spice which is usually associated with Malbec wines is not really present here. 

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