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Weekly Vinyl – Kazky

5 Sep

Казки Кoзака Байдака
Кoзак Байдак (М. І. Дякoвський)
Avant Garde…
This is an album of children stories. It is accompanied by a minimalist solo bandura.
The stories are read, acted and sung. Where appropriate.
It is just Kozak Bajdak singing, speaking, acting and playing.

This is like listening to a radio play – from many years ago. Listening to this album is like wrapping oneself in a warm blanket on an a autumn evening.
It is perfect.
It is surreal, avant garde, and real. All in one.
There are five stories on this album. Most Ukrainians will know these classic children stories. This recording brings them to life. Brings them to a level of how they might have been performed several hundred years ago by the bandurist in Ukraine. (The bandurists were traveling minstrels in Ukraine who kept the Ukrainian identity alive when the land was occupied by foreign invaders. Stalin had them all executed.)

I’ll have to get my kids and their friends to listen to this. It is just fantastic.

Weekly Wine – Kittling Ridge

3 Sep

SONY DSCKittling Ridge White Zinfandel Vidal
Year: N/A
Canada (and others)
$8.95 (LCBO)

I had a good experience drinking a White Zinfandel, Vidal blend rose in the past and was looking forward to this.
It was a warm evening, no need for air conditioning in the house, but I had a large pedestal fan going to give me some breeze.
The wine was chilled and initially I though that it was not bad. A little too sweet for my liking. There was a bit of harshness on the aftertaste but it did not spoil the wine.

Its quite a simple wine really. Quite forgettable. Pleasant without distracting one from enjoying other activities.
The sweetness does bother me a bit. It claims to be semi-sweet, so it is on the high side of the saccharin scale. The sweetness is ever present and is enhanced by the fruitiness of the wine. It is not a bad wine, but it does not fill me with confidence. I eye the second glass with wariness. Sure, I do drink it but not with gusto.
This is a nice wine to start a summer’s evening off before getting on to more serious beverages.