Weekly Vinyl – Styx

26 Sep

Best of Styx

Another “Best of” album…
But I remember buying this one. I bought it ’cause the price was right (25 cents) and it was blue vinyl. It had the shrink wrap on and it was in rather pristine condition.
25 cents for a blue vinyl Styx album is the right price.
The fact that this is a “Best of” album is rather strange as the band had only formed about 5 years earlier and most of their big hits were ahead of them.
If you like falsetto singing, this is the album for you. The falsetto singing is what stands out. But I grew tired of the music rather quickly. It is technically proficient but soulless. I suppose you can head-bang to it but you would be really forcing it.
The band hated the moniker “corporate rock.” But as I listen to it I can’t think of a better one to describe this music. It is so slickly produced, so calculated, so offensively inoffensive it does seem to stem from a corporate boardroom.


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