Weekly Vinyl – Psychedelic Furs

12 Sep

Psychedelic Furs
Psychedelic Furs
This is the
Psychedelic Furs’ first album.
Hence the original title.
Yes. That’s a sarcastic cynical comment. But have you heard this album.

Talk about nihilism.
I’m listening to “Wedding Song” right now. The chorus is “useless.”
I love this album.

This is the epitome of disenfranchisement from societal norms. Really.
The lyrics are bleak. They are black and white – like the album photography. But the black and white is not sharp but a rather muddied grey. It is a bleak societal atmosphere that is presented in this album. There is no distinct rebel yell of “no future” here.
The lyrics express an anger of societies resignation to the status-quo.
This is so relevant now.

That’s why, in the midst of these bleak lyrics and killer tunes, I have a smile from ear to ear.


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