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Weekly Vinyl – S-Express

8 Aug

Theme from S-Express

So this is Acid house. And S-Express was one of the big names in Acid-House in the late 80s.
I’m listening and trying to think of what I was doing in the late 80s. I was not grooving to Acid house or any other electronic music. I was aware of it but it did not loom large on my horizon. I think in the late 80s I was into acoustic guitar music – folk, blues, whatever.
As the music plays in the background, I clean my office. This music is good for this kind of activity as it makes you want to move. I’m sure it would make me want to move if I was at a n outdoor festival and the music was at a deafening level, but we are where we are. And we listen to music as we do.
This music is much slower than today’s electronic dance music, and the beat seems more deliberate and pronounced. The energy is a bit more laid back. An occasional melody will strike up for the hell of it.
I like this stuff.

Weekly Wine – Montepulciano

6 Aug

SONY DSCERA Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Biologica Organic
13.5% ABV

$9.95 (LCBO)

This is a big name for an inexpensive wine. ERA Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Biologica Organic.
Say it out loud a few times. Do it with a bad/fake Italian accent as well.

Then have a sip. Follow that with a gulp. Ahh…. What a pleasant wine.
It claims to be organic. I wonder if the sulfites are organic as well. They do have a presence in this wine but they do not mar the nice feeling of this wine.
Subsequent tastes are better as your palate becomes accustomed to the wine and the subtle harshness only lingers a bit in the after taste.
As I pour my second glass, I start to really ponder this wine. It is under 10 bucks. It is organic. It is Italian.
It is good. Not excellent. But very acceptable.
The organic claim is legitimate, I reason, as it is certified by an independent body, ICEA. So it is not just a crass marketing poly.
So here is a good wine that proves you don’t have to pay premium to be organic. How very nice.

Morning has arrived

3 Aug

The serenity of the morning.
A lonely figure watching the sun rise over Virginia Beach.

Weekly Vinyl – Kolomyjky

2 Aug

Various unknown


This is a heavy record. Not just because of the weight of the vinyl, but the sound is great.
In all honesty it sounds more or less like one song that continues on both sides.
The kolomyjky are Ukrainian limericks – short rhymes which outline slices of life and wisdom in a usually humorous method.
The producers of this album, Arka Records, were based in New York city and they put out masses of albums. This album was one of three Kolomyjky albums. I know this because the same cover was used for all three to save money and the track listings for all three ore on the back of the jacket.
The music is raw and authentic. It sounds like it was recorded using one microphone in somebodies living room in New York’s East Village. It is a fun album. I’m happy to have it in my collection.