Weekly Wine – Generic Pinot Grigio

20 Aug

SONY DSCKirkland Pinot Grigio
12.5% ABV
$5.99 (US$ – Costco)

I used to think that an Italian Pinot Grigio wine was a foolproof thing.
I’m sitting here, staring at this very inexpensive bottle of store brand plonk and thinking that I might have been wrong.
I swirl the wine in my mouth and it does not get better.
But is it so bad?
Is my consideration of the price clouding my judgement?
I’ve had wines which I found more offensive to me, but perhaps this one is perplexing.
I am not enjoying the wine or the contemplation of the wine.
Can a wine be too cheap to enjoy?
When in Paris, I drank wines that cost about the same or even less. They were much better. But then again I was in Paris. The outskirts of Detroit do in no way resemble Paris. The only connection is that they are on the same planet.
Nah, I would not buy this wine again.
This wine might be OK in a cold Sangria with plenty of fruit but honestly, I would spend an extra buck or two to get something better.

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